Globe Works

Penistone Road, Sheffield, S6 3AW, United Kingdom

Former Use: Cutlery factory
New Use: Office space (Globe business centre)
Category: Office
Original Architect: Henry and William Ibbotson
Reuse Architect: Allen Tod architects
Construction year(s): 1824 -
Reuse year(s): 1989 -


The Globe Works are a former cutlery factory situated in the City of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England on Penistone Road in the suburb of Kelham Island. The Works are a Grade II Listed Building which in the late 1980s were renovated to provide modern office space. It is part of the Kelham Island Conservation Area.

Globe Works dates back to 1824 and holds the title of being one of the world’s first large scale specialist steel manufacturing centres. The Grade II star Listed Building was restored in the late 1980’s (the exact reuse year is unknown) into a business centre. Internally, the property is well maintained and has an excellent mix of private and open plan offices throughout to provide ideal business centre accommodation.(1)

Relevant Literature:

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