Museu Can Framis

Carrer de Roc Boronat, 116-126, 08018, Barcelona, Spain

Former Use: Textile mill
New Use: Art Museum
Category: Culture
Original Architect: -
Reuse Architect: BAAS architecture studio
Construction year(s): 1785 - 1800
Reuse year(s): 2009 -


Can Framis is the latest Fundació Vila Casas museum. Opened in April 2009 in Barcelona, it has around 300 works on show dating from the 1960’s onwards by a wide range of artists born or living in Catalonia. Temporary exhibitions are held at the Can Framis Espai A0.
Can Framis, a factory built at the end of the 18th century, was originally owned by the Framis family. Over the years it fell into disuse, becoming a monument to the industry of the area. Today, as a Museum of Contemporary Painting, it is an ideal place for the contemplation of art located in Poble Nou, now converted into the technological district of Barcelona and renamed 22@. The conversion of the building was undertaken by the BAAS architectural practice.

Relevant Literature:

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