Rohm & Haas

Kleine Koppel 36, 3812 PH Amersfoort, Netherlands

Former Use: Soap factory
New Use: Artists studios, office space, restaurant
Category: Culture, HoReCa, Office, Recreation
Original Architect: W. Salomons / G. Prins & Zoon
Reuse Architect: ZEEP architects
Construction year(s): 1830 - 1850
Reuse year(s): 2011 -


The factory was built and extended throughout the 19thand 20th century. It closed down in 2002. The factory chimney and the sheds are designated municipal monuments.

Relevant Literature:

  1. Bayer.M. et al. 2015, Terug naar de fabriek, Amsterdam:Oosterwind, pp.104-109

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