Tannery Driesen

Hoge Ham 7-9, 5104 JA Dongen, Netherlands

Former Use: Tannery
New Use: Housing
Category: Residential
Reuse Architect: Architectenbureau Moons, BOEi
Construction year(s): 1866 -
Reuse year(s): 2005 -


The tannery Driesen was the last active tannery in Dongen. In the 19th century Dongen was an important tannery center with seven tanneries. Due to the odor nuisance, the transfer of Tiesierij Driesen in 2003 was highly desirable. The tanning of leather smelled because skins were soaked in a bath with water, urine and lime to remove the grease and hair from the skins. Later the process changed, but the smell of meat residues on the unprocessed skins and chemicals continued to cause odor nuisance.

BOEi has taken over the tannery from the municipality, in order to restore and reuse it. Four starter homes with garden and four maisonettes have been realized in the building. At the redevelopment, as many original elements as possible were retained. As a result, the building has retained its industrial appearance.
In the rear area, the shareholder Bouwfonds Nederlandse Gemeenten (now BPD) built eight homes in two rows. The architecture of the complex refers to the architecture of tanneries. (2)

Relevant Literature:

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