Templeton on the Green

62 Templeton St, Glasgow G40 1DA, United Kingdom

Former Use: Carpet factory
New Use: Housing, offices, pub, workshops and creative studios
Category: HoReCa, Office, Recreation, Residential, Workshop
Original Architect: William Leiper
Construction year(s): 1888 - 1892
Reuse year(s): 1984 - 2013


Templeton, originally a carpet factory until 1980, is one of Glasgow's best-known landmarks. It includes a collection of Grade A listed buildings, constructed through the late 1800's and early 1900's and arranged around a courtyard. The principal decorative building by Sir William Lieper is believed to have been based on the design of the Doges Palace in Venice and is regarded by many as one of the finest decorative brick buildings in the world.

The buildings were converted within an approved masterplan to provide offices, workshops, creative studios and new and converted flats. The buildings overlooking the Green were developed as apartments. (3)

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