University of Thessaly, “Pedion Areos” Campus

Pedion Areos, GR-38334 Volos, Greece, Greece

Former Use: Metalworks
New Use: University of Thessaly (Departments: Architecture Engineering, Agriculture Crop Production and Rural Environment, Mechanical Engineering, Planning and Regional Development, Civil Engineering, Library)
Category: Education
Construction year(s): 1889 -
Reuse year(s): 1999 - 2001


The “Pedion Areos” Campus is used by the Departments of the School of Engineering. The Campus includes the renovated buildings of the former Water Pump Manufacturing Paparrigas Factory (where the Departments of Architecture, Civil and Mechanical Engineering operate) and the new building of the Department of Planning and Regional Development, which is a modern construction. (1)

Relevant Literature:

  2. Adamakis, K. 2005, The industrial buildings of Volos, PhD Thesis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , Faculty of Architecture, Annex II, p.11

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