Upper Dens Mill

1 Weavers Yard, Dundee DD4 6BS, UK, United Kingdom

Former Use: Textile mill (Linen works)
New Use: Housing
Category: Residential
Original Architect: Umpherston and Kerr (engineers)
Reuse Architect: Baxter Clark & Paul architects
Construction year(s): 1833 - 1850
Reuse year(s): 1983 -


Founded in 1822 by Baxter Bros, world’s largest linen sailcloth and canvas manufacturers. Closed in 1978, Upper Dens Works was developed by Hillcrest Housing Association in 1983-5. A spired fireproof spinning mill, engineered by Umpherston and Kerr in 1833, and doubled by Randolph and Elder (Glasgow) in 1850, has a double engine house fronted by tripartite windows. The weaving shed, 1836, was on the terrace above a stone gothic arch. North of Victoria St, on a triple-arched bridge over Dens Burn, the works foundry of 1864 was extended as Eagle Jute Mills in 1930. ( M Watson, 2013)

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