West Bridge Mill

Kirkcaldy,KY1 1TE, UK, United Kingdom

Former Use: Flax spinning mill
New Use: Foyer(Affordable accommodation, vocational guidance and access to training for the unemployed or homeless)
Category: Community centre, Residential, Social
Website: https://www.linkliving.org.uk/
Construction year(s): 1855 -
Reuse year(s): 1996 -


In 1996 the Mill was given a new lease of life when it was taken over by the Link Housing Association into the first purpose built Foyer in Scotland.The company, which offers support to unemployed people in the town, still occupies the building today and LinkLiving Ltd gave the building’s interior a major refurbishment in 2016 improving amenities, upgrading office suites, adding new training rooms. (2)

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