Zaanse chocoladefabriek

Westzijde 188,1506 EK Zaandam, Netherlands

Former Use: Chocolate factory
New Use: Café-restaurant, office and business space, library, shops, fitness centre
Category: Commerce/retail, Education, HoReCa, Office, Recreation, Sports
Original Architect: P. Kleiweg Dyserinck (1885), H.H. Jansen (1895- 1912), P. Molenaar(1931), J.A. Snellebrand en A. Eibrink (1936), J. Brouwer (1964-1968)
Reuse Architect: Carree Architecten BNA
Construction year(s): 1885 - 1968
Reuse year(s): 2009 -


The unique complex of the Verkade factory in Zaandam, located on the Zaan, is a national monument (Monumentnummer 518045). It consists of a factory complex that started out as a bakery, built in 1886, and eventually grew into the factory that closed in 2003 (total floor area approx. 18,000 m2). In 2004, the transformation into a multifunctional building with an important cultural-urban appearance started. The transformation has been carried out in phases. (1)

Relevant Literature:

  2. Cerutti V, 2011, Creatieve Fabrieken:vaardecreatie metherbestemming van industrieel erfgoed, Utrecht:C2Publishing, 76-85

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